Cap off your meal with something sweet. Try our house-made Gelato, Limoncetta Cake, or Tiramisu soaked in espresso and Frangelico and topped with cocoa powder and shaved chocolate. Or enjoy classic desserts like Cannoli, Zeppoles and Italian Wedding Cake.

  • House-Made Gelato 6

    served with a homemade pizzelle

  • House-Made Italian Cookies 3 / $5 or 6 / $10

    Pistachio, Amarena Cherry, Spiced Chocolate, Almond, Raspberry Linzer, and Italian Fig

  • GF Almond Lemon Cake 8

    mixed berry compote

  • Cannoli 9

    ricotta, mascarpone, chocolate chips

  • Tiramisu 10

    espresso and frangelico soaked lady fingers mascarpone mousse, cocoa powder and shaved chocolate *contains alcohol

  • Zeppoles 10

    cinnamon sugar fried donuts with powdered sugar, raspberry and chocolate dipping sauces

  • Italian Wedding Cake 8

    spiced cake with coconut shavings

  • Limoncetta Cake 8

    lemon cake with blueberries

  • Chocolate Zabaglione 9

    classic Italian chocolate cake with mixed berry sauce

  • Ricotta Cheesecake 10

    mixed berry sauce

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